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4. August 2018: Global Intellectual History beyond Eurocentric Lenses - Connected Political Vocabularies across South and Southeast Asia, ca. 1800-2018

10.07.2018 – 05.08.2018

In recent years, global intellectual history has emerged as one of the most dynamic academic
fields, taking the study of political thought beyond bounded area studies concerns. Simultaneously,
the charge of Eurocentrism has occasionally been levelled against the field. This roundtable
intervenes within these debates by going beyond conventional frames of Europe-to-non-Europe
conceptual diffusion and translation, and by centring, instead, vocabularies of Asian origin which
migrated between South and Southeast Asia. By focusing on actors, conjunctures, and itineraries
traversing India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, Java, and beyond, this roundtable foregrounds trans-Asian
intellectual fords and their role in the emergence of modern globalized political thought, around
issues of sovereignty, labour and political economy, legal theology, ‘humanity’, and more. The
image of the moving Sun Chariot provokes us to illuminate these intellectual crossings, and journeys
to other shores.

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