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Vortragsreihe "Japan and International Migration" im Sommersemester 2021


Japan and International Migration: Recent Developments, Emerging Dynamics

This lecture series offers insights into current scholarly works on the topic of “Japan and International Migration”. Scholars based at universities and research institutes in Japan, Europe and the US address recent developments and emerging dynamics in the field. These include an acceleration and diversification of international migration flows with Japan increasingly on the map as a country of destination. Talks will provide insights into how the increase of migration flows to (and in some cases from) Japan, shapes and challenges Japanese society, political negotiation processes, and the nation’s economic outlook. Moreover, insights into the history of Japan’s approach to international migration as well as case studies on Japanese overseas diasporas will be provided.

Organizer: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Vogt

Mondays, 2pm-3pm (CEST), 9pm-10pm (JST), 8am-9am (EDT)

The lectures will be conducted via Zoom.

Please follow the URL below for more information on all nine sessions of this series and the Zoom details.