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Auszeichnung für Frau Murata



Yumiko Murata hat für den folgenden Aufsatz den "best paper award" von JLEM (Japanese Language Education Methods) erhalten! 

「書く」活動は発話の産出にどう反映するか ―発話量と語彙の広がり度の計量的分析―

Do Writing Tasks Affect Speech Production? :
A Quantitative Analysis of the Degree to Which Quantity of Speech and Breadth of Vocabulary can be Increased by Performing Writing Tasks

Abstract: This study is a quantitative examination of how interspersing a composition task between two speaking tasks with identical topics will affect content and quantity of the speech produced in the second speaking task. It demonstrates that performing such a writing task increases both the breadth of vocabulary produced and the level of abstraction in the second speaking task. The results suggest that a combination of writing and speaking tasks can lead to an increase in the overall competence on language production.

Den kompletten Aufsatz finden Sie hier!