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Conversion of Military Land to Civilian Use

This project studies the processes and effects of the conversion of military land to civilian use. We are interested in exploring, firstly, the avenues available to community members and local businesses regarding their participation in the decision-making process of the conversion of military land to civilian use. How do they utilize these avenues, and how do they make their voices heard in this process? Secondly, we study the effects of the conversion processes on the municipalities that administer the land. What kind of societal, political, economic, and cultural changes have taken place after conversion? With this project we strive to enhance our understanding about dynamics of local governance. The project was initiated as a joint research and teaching activity with partnering faculty members and students from the University of the Ryūkyūs in Okinawa.

Principal Researcher: Gabriele Vogt
Associated Researchers: Jane Khanizadeh, Anne-Sophie L. König, Stefanie Schwarte, Anja Sueyoshi

Grant: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), PaJaKo Grant, 2019



  • Conversion of U.S. military bases in Okinawa: The case of Shintoshin, Naha. At: VSJF Politics Section, 2019/11, Bochum. (König and Schwarte)