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Robotics and Technology in Long-term Care in Japan

The international image of Japan is a country at the forefront of technological innovation. In fact, for health-caregiving to the elderly we see a longstanding interest of governmental agencies and representatives of the business sector to introduce robotics and technology into the workplace. In this project, we juxtapose these initiatives from the public and private sector with the situation in care facilities across the country and discuss the gap between claim and reality that becomes apparent.

Principal Researcher: Gabriele Vogt
Associated Researcher: Anne-Sophie L. König

Grant: Hamburg Innovation GmbH, Calls 4 Transfer (ID: C4T151), 2018-2020


Journal paper:

  • Vogt, G. and A-S. L. König (2023): Robotic devices and ICT in long-term care in Japan: Their potential and limitations from a workplace perspective. In: Contemporary Japan, 35:2, 270-290 (online since 17 December 2021), https://doi.org/10.1080/18692729.2021.2015846 Open Access

Discussion paper:

Media contributions:


    International symposium:


    • Wie bewältigen Japan und Deutschland den demografischen Wandel? Ein Zwischenstand 2023 (roundtable discussion with Christine Hieb, Shingo Shimada, Hildegard Theobald, Gabriele Vogt). At: Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin and Smart Living & Health Center e.V., 2023/04/20, Berlin.
    • Bevölkerungsentwicklung und Altenpflege in Japan: Zukunftsstrategien zwischen Robotik, Zuwanderung und Aktivierung by Gabriele Vogt. At: Spektrum der Wissenschaften (LMU Zentrum Seniorenstudium), 2022/05/18, München.
    • Robotik und Informationstechnologie in Japans Altenpflege by Gabriele Vogt. At: LMU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, 2022/02/17, Online.
    • Robotik und Technologie in Japans Altenpflege by Anne-Sophie L. König and Gabriele Vogt. At: University of Heidelberg, 2021/06/30, Online.
    • Robotics and Technology in Japanese Long-Term Care by Anne-Sophie L. König, Anna-Lea Schröder and Gabriele Vogt. At: GJSSS 30th Annual Meeting, 2019/06/19, GIGA Hamburg.